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Rhoades to Life – May Edition

Rhoades to Life – May Edition
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Seen here is the first ever Rhoades Car built.  This particular bike was made in 1989 which was two years before Rhoades Car was actually started.  David Rhoades created this bike and went on to create a strong and solid business of making quality quadracycles for years to come.  This unique piece of history is displayed in our new “Rhoades Car Headquarters” conference room.  We host Rhoades Car customers, partners, and enthusiasts in our newly remodeled room and we’re especially proud of this bike and the story that it holds.  We love having visitors come and check out our facility.  This past week we had a couple from Memphis, TN come and tour our headquarters and they increased their Rhoades Car fleet from one GoBoy to two so that both can enjoy their time together outdoors.  We also had a gentleman and his grandson, from Miami, FL,  stop by on their way to Virginia as a part of their grandfather/grandson road trip.  He ended up purchasing a brand new 4W1P model and he’s extremely excited to get his new bike out on the streets of his neighborhood.  We cannot tell you how proud we are of our facility but also how much we enjoy having visitors.  We love how people get to see an inside look at our operations and get a better understanding of what all we do here.  You also get to test drive certain models and sometimes even get to see things we don’t have on the market yet!  If you’re ever in the area or even passing through, we’d love to have you stop by  and say hey.

From an 80 year old man who has owned his Rhoades Car for 17 years and has put 50,000 miles on it. when asked if it was worth the investment:
“H*** YES! It has been more than worth it. It’s the best thing I’ve ever bought, and I’d be lost without it. It’s the best form of transportation I’ve ever owned, and the best part is NEVER needing gas!”
– Carlton R., Paramount, CA

Every month we like to share with you a product that our staff enjoys whether that’s for business or pleasure.  It’s our 25th year so we’re celebrating with our loyal customers and subscribers and allowing you to enjoy some discounts on a few of our favorite things!  This month we’d like to highlight Original Grain watches.  We love these handcrafted wood and steel watches!  We love the look and the purpose behind this company as well – By partnering with Trees for the Future, they’re striving to plant 1 million trees in 2016 – Providing both food and jobs for thousands of people around the globe.  With each wood & steel watch sold, Original Grain will plant 10 trees.
We have a promo code that our subscribers can use for a discount on Original Grain watches!  Use promo code “Rhoades15!” when checking out on the Original Grain site and receive 15% off your purchase!  This may be a great gift idea for Father’s Day!


As always, we welcome guests at our Rhoades Car HQ here in Nashville, TN so send us an email to info@rhoadescar.com or give us a call at 888-938-2272 and set up an appointment.

Rhoades Car offers a unique line of 1, 2, and 4-person quadracycles with multiple speeds and an optional motor that provides sustainable transportation for families and industry, helps fight obesity, and provides a way for disabled people to exercise safely either alone or with loved ones or caregivers.  Celebrating its 25th year in business in 2016, the company relies on local suppliers that share the high quality craftsmanship philosophy to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes – proudly made in the USA.


The People Who Inspire Us

We all know who they are. The history teacher who made you believe you were smart enough to go to college. The coach who made you better than you thought you could ever be. Your five year old child who taught you how to deal with grief when your dad passed away.

For Paula Weatherly, it was her husband of 30 years, Philip Todd Weatherly. For me, it’s Paula as well as Phil. Phil had departed this life by the time she woke up Monday morning after doing really well over the 4th of July holiday weekend, joking and enjoying his family as he always did. When we spoke the next day, in one breath she was saying she didn’t know how she could possibly live without him. In the next, she said she chooses to thank God for the time they had together…all 30 years of it…and she refuses to complain about the time they won’t have. Having talked with Paula many times since Phil was diagnosed with cancer a few months ago, I knew she loved him more than life itself. To hear her make that statement humbled me immensely as I thought about all the reasons I can find to complain about something.

Phil came to Hendersonville, Tennessee for his dealer training and the Rhoades Car experience as we like to call it. He spent the night at the Rhoades Car lodge and couldn’t say enough great things about the steak dinner he enjoyed.

Rhoades Car Lodge

Rhoades Car Lodge

After a full day of dealer training, we found time for a tour of Hendersonville before his plane left the next day. We laughed for hours as he found plenty to say about my Nascar driving!

After he left, Bill and I were inspired and uplifted by the sheer joy that emanated from this man. He was our newest dealer, and yet we felt as though he was an old friend.  The terrible illness that took his life did nothing to dampen his joy. He had a large family and was extremely busy as he balanced his family time with his equipment rental business and with his Rhoades Car dealership. Yet he never made us feel rushed or minimized when we called him. He was one of those rare individuals who truly had enough love to go around. Here he is with Tripp and Charlee, his son Brandon’s children and Addy, who belongs to his daughter Cathryn…

phil weatherly with grandchildren…and with a Rhoades Car workbike:

Phil Weatherly (web)





When someone like Phil Weatherly passes from this life to the next, I think the most important lesson they would impart to us if they could is for us to appreciate the people in our lives today.

Philip Todd Weatherly (1958-2015)

Phyllis Shelton, VP of Marketing, Rhoades Car

Rhoades Car Opens Doors to Non-Drivers (best article ever?)

We shout out a big thank you to Dess Yankova with The Tennessean for writing what may be the best story ever written about Rhoades Car. Our boy Jackson is especially happy with it because he made the picture she took which was on the front page of the Sumner County section of the Sunday paper.* Here’s the story:

White House, Tennessee resident Dean Cagley cannot wait to pedal his Rhoades car.

Cagley has lost more than 200 pounds, walks longer distances, returned to work, made new friends and feels better overall thanks to his car — technically a quadricycle. Based in Hendersonville, Rhoades Car is a local well-kept secret that’s getting out.

“So many people don’t know we’re here,” Rhoades Car Vice President Phyllis Shelton said. “They’re so surprised when they find us.”

Chris Spann and Phyllis Shelton on SolarPed with weatherproof cover

Chris Spann and Phyllis Shelton on SolarPed with weatherproof cover (photo: Dess Yankova)

Riders can choose pedal, plug or sunbathe to power the environmentally-friendly vehicles that in 2014 received international exposure when Prince Harry rode a Rhoades Car 2-person model during the grand opening of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London.

London recently received another order — The GoBoy X4, the latest four-seat model allowing all four passengers to pedal.

Bikeworks UK Brings GoBoy X4 to London

In addition to most states in the U.S., Rhoades Car also sells to Germany, Denmark, The Netherlands, Mexico, Thailand and Russia where the cars are rented as pleasure vehicles in Gorky Park, a famous amusement park in Moscow. The company is also in distribution conversations with Lebanon, Qatar and Antigua.

From the Hendersonville warehouse, master builder Chris Spann manufactures 20 residential and industrial models available in multiple speeds and with various features. Depending on the model, the cars can seat one to five riders. Features include head and tail lights, turn signals, adjustable mirrors, hand cushions, seatbelts, UV-protection windshield and zip-up walls.

“Each takes one or two days to make,” said Spann, whose hands have built the cars for 15 years. “They use a seven-speed axle-driven bike system and people can order one horse-power electrical motor and two 12-volt deep-cycle batteries.”

At under 20 mph, riders can travel 21 miles with an overnight regular outlet charge without pedaling. They could go much further with pedaling and sun power, which charges an optional solar panel in four hours.

Company co-owner and Shelton’s husband, Bill Pomakoy, had to double check with a professional when he test-drove a car for 17 miles on a sunny day.

“The batteries were still fully charged,” he said. “I couldn’t believe it.”

Car gives freedom

Not requiring driver’s license, insurance or tags, the cars are particularly fitting for people with physical limitations or conditions preventing them from driving other vehicles.

One of the company’s newest customers Illinois resident Stephanie Timmer, the only vision impaired member of the U.S. Olympics throwing team, expects her Rhoades car any day. The vehicle, says Timmer, who last had a car 30 years ago, will save time from walking and allow her to ride with her two daughters.

“This will be our car, and we’ll go everywhere with it,” said Timmer, 48. “It will give us a new level of freedom and access to a lot more activities. I cannot wait.”

The Rhoades car has already done that for another Illinois resident Bill Reid. Reid, 52, felt depressed and isolated after losing his job because of his condition 13 years ago until the vehicle gave him back his life. Riding his car for 12 years now, Reid spends more time with family, participates in parades and meets new people every time he pedals out.

Wilma, Bill & Mary Ann Reid from Oak Forest, IL

Wilma, Bill & Mary Ann Reid from Oak Forest, IL

When he got a flat tire in 2014, the only problem his vehicle’s ever had, his family changed it at the Hendersonville warehouse, where Reid got a personal tour.

“They treated him like royalty,” his mother, Wilma Reid, 72, said. “We couldn’t have asked to be treated any nicer. Bill very much wants to be a part of the real world and the car does that for him.”

Ranging from $1,350 to $11,000, depending on features, the car weighs between 75 and 120 pounds. But they can carry up to 750 pounds.

Cagley, however, plans to take even more weight off his car as soon as the weathers allows.

Dean Cagley

Dean Cagley

“The Rhoades car allowed me to go out and exercise,” Cagley, 51, said. “I couldn’t ride any other bicycle because of my weight and back problems. It made all the difference in my attitude and how I feel.”

Did you know?

Hendersonville’s David Rhoades invented the Rhoades car quadricycle in 1991. When he died in 2009, the business was going to shut down until his neighbors Bill Pomakoy and Phyllis Shelton, who run a long-term care insurance company, promised to find a buyer for the Rhoades Car business.

“I looked at their records, and I found a buyer: It was me,” Pomakoy said. “The uniqueness of the product and how committed the founder was intrigued me, and I felt the desire to continue his dream.”

Stay tuned for the newest Rhoades model: a police/delivery vehicle with backup camera, solar panel, large storage compartment, loud horn and phone/laptop chargers. The company is also crafting a prototype car to pitch to the Robertson family from the popular A&E series “Duck Dynasty.”


Keep your New Year’s Resolution…get fit with someone you love in your very own Rhoades Car. Check out our New Year’s special that ends January 31st!

AND – look for a really big announcement about Rhoades Car this week!

*This article appeared online 1-16-15 and in print 1-18-15. Reach Dessislava Yankova at 575-7170 and on Twitter @desspor.

Tennessean reporter Dess Yankova

Tennessean reporter Dess Yankova

Tennessean Dess Yankova with Jackson and Jed

Dess Yankova with Jackson (right) and Jed Clampett




Rhoades Car Featured in Nashville Ledger Article

You can’t buy great publicity – you have to earn it!  The article below featuring Rhoades Car appeared in today’s Nashville Ledger.  Our thanks to the Nashville Ledger and writer Hollie Deese for a great article!

Peddling an alternative to cars, two-wheelers

Nashville Ledger

Friday, August 12, 2011, Vol. 35, No. 32

By Hollie Deese


Riding a bike to work is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and get in a good workout. But certain limitations can prevent some people from enjoying that option – unless they have a Rhoades Car.

The four-wheeled vehicle is actually a bicycle, or quadricycle, and can accommodate a wider range of people than the standard two-wheel version.

“We have the four-wheel stability so anybody, whether they be overweight or have balance issues or are just scared of a two-wheel bike, can exercise,” says Bill Pomakoy, president of Hendersonville-based Rhoades Car International. People with vision problems can sit and pedal independently with a passenger and Rhoades can even customize seats to accommodate people with special needs or paralysis.

Pomakoy, who has a background in marketing, took over the business in February 2010 after inventor and original owner David Rhoades passed away suddenly in December 2009 without a succession plan. His next-door neighbor, Pomakoy had always been intrigued by what Rhoades was doing.

“He was just a genius as far as coming up with the concept and laying it all out and having a working model,” he says. “He started the business back in ‘91 out of a small barn in his backyard and then moved it out to an industrial facility ten years later.”

When paying respects to Rhoade’s family after his death, he asked whether the business, which had been on the market for a few months, had sold or not. It hadn’t.

“They didn’t really have a plan, and I have a bunch of friends who are entrepreneurs and thought one of them might be interested,” Pomakoy says. “And as I looked at their business I realized that I was interested myself. So I made the family an offer and they accepted. They were thrilled because the company was going to continue.”

There are four models of bikes and all come in one-, two-, or four-person models and can be customized with all kinds of features. When Pomakoy took over, he mainly worked on appealing to a broader range of clientele.

“He had the designs down pat and he had a really good presence on the Internet and had a good marketing plan, but what I have done is institute more cosmetic changes,” he says. “We knew we had models who appealed to the senior population, but at the same time — with rising gas prices — we knew that there was a need for alternate transportation for people age 30 and up.”

So they came up with Sport Ped model, which uses the same frame as the classic, but has an aerodynamically designed windshield with UV protection. Ranging from seven- to 42-speed options, Rhoades Cars have been sold all over the world. And increasing gas prices have only helped sales here at home.

“From a personal standpoint, I don’t want gas prices to go up, but as they do our sales have gone up because people are looking for alternate means of transportation,” he says. In fact, last year only 10 percent of his orders had an electric motor added. This year, it was 20 percent. And because the electric motor is programmed to stay around 14 miles an hour, they still fall under bike road rules.

“In Hendersonville, a lot of people have golf carts and have to license them with the DMV and insure them to be able to drive around,” he says. “One of these vehicles does not need to be registered because it does follow the bicycle law. If we gear it to go over 20 mph, then it would be a motor vehicle.”

Also important to Pomakoy is the fact his product is certified made in the USA. Not only is it manufactured here, but most elements that go into the bike are made in Middle Tennessee.

“We are using local suppliers to make our components,” he says. “Our steel is United States Steel fabricated in Goodlettsville, powder coated in Madison by another company. Our canopies and canvas fenders are made by Bennett’s Upholstery right here in Hendersonville. We can see other families benefitting from Rhoades Cars.”

Next up, Pomakoy hopes to get involved with Nashville’s bike share program, which recently received a 100-bike donation from Regions Bank.

“We are asking them to embrace a local company that has a four-wheel bicycle that everyone can ride,” he says. “There is a lot of discussion about fighting obesity but realistically a large person is not comfortable on a two-wheel bike. We have bicycles available for obese people to ride.”