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Rhoades Car Creates Out-of-the-Box Solution to Increase Participation in Corporate Wellness Programs

Rhoades Car International, the nation’s leading 4-wheel bicycle manufacturer, announces the release of its collection of wellness bikes, designed to increase employee participation in corporate wellness programs and join the national fight against obesity. The company can customize the bikes and educational material with an “I’m Gettin’ Fit with [Employer Name]” theme. Wellness bike - 2 person

“Because working adults make up 2/3 of the adult population and spend at least half their waking hours in the workplace, worksite wellness programs hold the most promise to lower the obesity rate and get people healthier”, says Bill Pomakoy, President, “but the key is getting employees to participate. We at Rhoades Car believe we hold that key by making exercise play.”

Phyllis Shelton, VP of Marketing says, “Many companies have had a wellness program for several years and have been unsuccessful in getting especially the high-risk employees to participate, such as those who are weight-challenged or who have balance issues or who have had joint replacements. Our wellness bikes make exercising fun since they allow employees to pedal side-by-side in different gears and have an enjoyable visit while exercising. Our new GoBoy X4 allows four employees to ride together, and our one-seater models are super comfortable with a seat that feels more like a car seat than a bicycle seat.” Wellness SportPed  1 seater

Customer Service Director Holly Skinner adds, “According to the Centers for Disease Control, people who were obese had medical costs that were $1,429 higher than the cost for people of normal body weight. Obesity also has been linked with reduced worker productivity and chronic absence from work. Put all these together and there’s plenty of justification for an employer to think outside the box and use our wellness bikes to get employees excited about exercising!”

In support of these claims, Dean Cagley from White House, Tennessee reports losing 155 lbs. in eight months by riding his Rhoades Car.

Shelton updates this information by adding that Mr. Cagley has lost 190 pounds as of the end of October.

Lawrence Vivenzio, Director of Inside Sales, points out that Rhoades Car industrial bikes easily build exercise into the workday. “If a company is looking for a healthy way for four employees to travel around a large plant or factory, the GoBoy X4 with its 28” x 15” cargo area is a perfect fit.”

Rhoades Car International offers a unique line of 1, 2 and 4-person quadricycles with multiple speeds that provides sustainable transportation for families and industry. Celebrating its 23rd year in business in 2014, the company relies on American suppliers as much as possible to produce custom components for all of its 4-wheel “quad” bikes. Rhoades Car is privately owned and is an approved federal GSA vendor (GS-03F-026A).

For more information about Rhoades Car, call 800-531-2737, send an email to info@rhoadescar.com or visit www.RhoadesCar.com.

Poster – I’m Gettin’ Fit with [Employer Name]

Man Loses 155 Lbs. in 8 Months and Other Customer Stories

It’s not just about the money. We as a company treasure testimonials from our customers who are having fun on their Rhoades Car, while truly being helped.  So while we tell you about our September Special, here are four that really touched us. The first two are recent blogs you may have missed, and the last two just happened.

  • Man from White House, TN Loses 155 Lbs. in Eight Months.–  We met Dean Cagley in January of this year in a wheel chair. With spinal and disk issues, he was headed for surgery. He now barely uses a cane and has avoided surgery. He rides 10 miles a day and has been able to go back to work. His wife shares half of the ride and has lost 50 lbs. without doing anything else!
  • Autistic Man in 12th Year of Riding a Rhoades Car Twelve years ago, the Reid family in Oak Forest, IL pooled their savings to buy their autistic son a Rhoades Car. It pulled him out of depression from losing his job and he has been riding ever since. Bill, his mother and sister visited the Rhoades Car factory last week to pick up a new tire, the first part the bike has needed in the entire 12 years!

So it’s not just about the money, but everybody loves to save money. So if you’ve been thinking about a Rhoades Car, now is the time with our September special:

Save up to $250 off a Rhoades Car AND get free turn signals!

  • Toni Braun in Altona, Manitoba bought a Rhoades Car six months ago.  A severe head injury forced him to give up riding a two wheel bike due to balance issues. He had heard about Rhoades Car many years ago and credits God with helping him find us. He is so happy with his Rhoades Car as his main transportation PLUS he gets to spend time with his wife and other people he picks up along the way. He was especially glad it arrived fully assembled and said, “I was so impressed with the quality workmanship that went into this thing.” You can see the entire story here.

Save up to $250 off a Rhoades Car AND get free turn signals!

  • A couple in Jonesboro, TN picked up their bike two weeks ago.  The husband is a professor at East Tennessee State University and a psychologist. He was an avid cyclist until he had 2 knee surgeries and 3 back surgeries, the last one leaving his left thigh really weak. He said the Rhoades Car is working out his left leg perfectly and he is regaining his strength. He and his wife SuSu are having the time of their lives riding all over downtown Jonesboro. They have been married 29 years and love riding side by side, each pedaling in a comfortable gear, and being able to talk, instead of riding tandem.

Save up to $250 off a Rhoades Car AND get free turn signals!

Thanks to all these wonderful people for sharing their story with the Rhoades Car family!

Toni and Susi Braun,   Manitoba, Canada

Toni and Susi Braun, Manitoba, Canada

Mike and SuSu Floyd, Jonesboro, TN

Mike and SuSu Floyd, Jonesboro, TN


Man from White House TN loses 215 lbs. in 13 Months (updated)

Dean Cagley from White House Tennessee paid a visit to the Rhoades Car factory this week to pick up a couple of parts for his Rhoades Car and update us on his health status. Mr. Cagley is working very hard to overcome spinal stenosis and several herniated disks and doing everything he can to avoid surgery. Losing weight is a very important part of his health plan. Dean proudly reports losing 155 lbs. since January 2014 and credits his 2 person Cycle Car with much of his success. [UPDATE: Dean reports 215 lbs. through February 2015!] He lives at the mid-point of the White House, TN greenway, so he can enjoy a 5 1/2 mile ride round trip in either direction. He said the greenway is wide enough that two Cycle Cars would fit on it and sent us the picture below to prove it! He pedals alone for the morning trip and his wife Judy joins him at the end of the day after she gets home from work. That gives him a good ten miles a day on his Rhoades Car.

Judy has lost 50 lbs in the same time period and she hasn’t been really trying! Best of all, in addition to the exercise, the Cagleys enjoy spending quality time together.


2 person Cycle Car fits easily on greenway

2 person Cycle Car fits easily on greenway


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