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Leisure Wheels Quadracycles
Official Dealer for the Palm Springs, CA area
Recreational Line
The original. The one that started it all. Models feature relaxed seating for up to four riders.
Features a curved Plexiglas UV-protected windshield with models for up to four riders.
Features a more traditional, upright pedal posture with models for up to two riders.
Features a solar panel charging system that's completely off the grid. Nothing to plug in!
Industrial Line
Excellent for warehouses and industrial settings, featuring a customizable rear cargo area.
$300. Shipping Rebate on Any Model Through Leisure Wheels Quadracycles

Through June 30, 2015 Leisure Wheels Quadracycles of Palm Springs will send you a check for $300. after your order has been completed as long as you order through our dealership or let Rhoades Car International that you went through our dealership.  This is in addition to our normal $100. referral fee for you, for anyone you refer to our dealership who ends up buying any model bike. (Just let us know who they are prior to your purchase.)   760-831-BIKE

And if you are in the area please come out to Cycledelic in downtown Palm Springs Thursday April 30th, 2015 at 6PM.  Exhibits, night-time bike ride and much more.  And it’s all free.  Look for our Rhoades Car booth there.


Rolling Out the July 2014 Royal Blue Special Edition Offers

Our July 2014 Royal Blue Special Edition (the bike Prince Harry rode in in London this year) offer:

The following with the order of any 2 person blue Cycle Car this month:

Free crating & shipping.

Four free kevlar liners and thornproof tubes.

$200. in local dealer incentives (check or gift certificates) if you mention Leisure Wheels Quadracycyles of Palm Springs when ordering from the factory or you can order through    us (same prices).


More Rhoades Car Incentives Through June! Spread the Word.

Many models to choose from starting at $1354. It’s the Spring into Summer Promotion. Customers who place an order between now and Monday, June 30th will enjoy up to $500 worth of FREE UPGRADES OR their choice of valuable GIFT CARDS . Here’s how it works:

1. Any purchase over $ 1299.00 (not including crating and shipping fees)
2. Any purchase over $ 2500.00 (not including crating and shipping fees)
3. Any purchase over $ 5000.00 (not including crating and shipping fees)

Be sure if you order through the factory to mention our name. It’s the only way you can get our $200. shipping refund. The price is the same whether you order from Tennessee or through Leisure Wheels Quadracycles.

Bikes are made of recycled steel, made in the U.S., shipped directly to your home or office fully assembled. They follow regular bicycle laws, are available in 7 speed or 42 speeds, with disc brakes, and an optional electric motor. Models made for 1, 2, or 4 persons. Bikes have been made for 23 years and offer great exercise and fun for the entire family. Call for appointment to simply see the bikes or to take a test drive, no pressure. Leisure Wheels Quadracycles LLC, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Amazing Deal Until 6/6/14! Free crating & shipping or $500. in free upgrades – You choose.

This is the best deal we’ve seen thus far on Rhoades Cars.  On any model priced at $2500 or more take your pick of either above before June 6, 2014.  And be sure you mention us (Leisure Wheels Quadracycles) if you order factory direct or else order through us (no price difference) except if you let us know you mentioned us as your dealer we will reward you with added dealer incentives $$$$.   Please email or call us for more information. or 760-831-BIKE.   Financing is available through Rhoades Car International so if you’ve been hesitant, this is Rhoades Car’s best bargain yet.



Storefront on Vella Rd. Moving As of 5/1/14

In order to reduce the overhead of a storefront Leisure Wheels Quadracycles will be moving its inventory from its present location to a storage facility 1 block away.  Since most of our business is not from walk-ins but rather online or from Street Fairs and customer word of mouth, we hope to avoid the high overhead so we can still pass on customer incentives to you.

So if you just want to take a look at the bikes, or if you want to test drive any please give us a call and we can arrange to meet you at our storage facility in Palm Springs so you can check out these exciting vehicles.   Call 760-831-BIKE (2453) and let us know what days/times work for you.

Remember we will still continue to award you with $100. for every person you refer to our dealership who buys any model Rhoades Car through Leisure Wheels.  Just be sure and let us know who they are or have them mention your contact info. prior to their purchase.

And we will continue our $200. shipping refund if you order any model Rhoades Car through us or else mention our name if ordering directly from the factory.  (While the cost is the same ordering via Leisure Wheels or the factory you can only receive the rebate if you use our name as the referral dealer.)

Email us if you have any questions, want to arrange a test drive, or want us to mail you any information.  Thank you for your time.

Beautiful time to visit the Palm Springs area or just call or email for our incentives.

Too far from us to test drive one of our 4 vehicles on display?  Well you can still earn our dealer incentives by calling or emailing us directly.  You pay the same price by ordering directly from the Rhoades Car factory or a dealer but if you go through us at Leisure Wheels Quadracycles we can offer you some additional incentives. or 760-831-BIKE.   This sweet couple (the Edwards)were visiting from Arkansas and enjoyed a fun ride on one of our Cycle Cars.

Join us at the Tour de Palm Springs Sat. 2/8/14

Leisure Wheels Quadracycles will be loaning out a tandem to the wonderful non-profit organization Incight to enable disabled residents to partake of this spectacular annual ride starting in downtown Palm Springs, California.  We will also have a Go Box X2 being ridden by two local residents.  Please give a shout out to all the riders if you are in the area.    It should be 78 degrees so if you need to escape some frigid place think of visiting us.

Leisure Wheels Quadracycles Was Privileged to Assist at Incight’s DisAbility Sports Festival 1/12/14 in Palm Desert, California.

Disabled and able bodied kids and adults were able to have a blast participating in a variety of sports including golf, archery, tennis, soccer, riding recumbent bikes.  Smiles and giggles were abundant throughout the day.

Support Braille Institute of Rancho Mirage, CA. Test drive a model here & we’ll donate $10. to the Institute.
Leisure Wheels Quadracycles has chosen Braille Institute in Rancho Mirage, California as its first local non-profit organization in the Coachella Valley to be the recipient of a $10. donation for every adult who test drives any model of our bicycles between now and December 31, 2013.  In addition, for every test drive that results in a purchase of any model, Leisure Wheels will donate an additional $100. to Braille Institute.
Desert Road Kill Blog Visits Leisure Wheels Quadracycles

Thanks to Jim for his visit and picture outside our dealership in Palm Springs.  Don’t forget to inquire about the incentives we offer if you order any model Rhoades Car through our dealership.  You can save $$$ and earn future dollars for referrals.




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